What should we be guided by when choosing a canvas?

Most importantly: we should be the ones who like it!

Iconari also has some tips that can help you ...

• Once chosen a canvas that you like, think about where you want to put it.

• The size of the images should be proportional to the space in which they would be located.

• On the large wall too small, single canvas will not look good. In order to manage a large space well, choose a larger one or a few smaller, e.g. series of canvas.

• The paintings are hung at the height from which they will be viewed. They should be at the eye level when you stand in front of them. Thus, for instance, in the dining room paintings should hang a little lower because you watch them from a sitting position.

• If you want to hang several pictures side by side, it's better to choose a canvas from the same series (colors, style, theme, binding). This way you will introduce the same order and symmetry.

• When hanging a series of paintings, remember to put them enlined and also to maintain equal distances between them.

• The high, longitudinal space on the wall looks better with the canvas printed vertically (long, longitudinal shape) or a few smaller ones suspended one above the other.

• If you have a larger horizontal space of the wall, you can unleash your imagination! We recommand a large canvas placed horizontally or a series of canvases placed side by side.

And please - do not be affraid to try something different and to have fun while doing your arrangements!

We wish you best of luck in creating your own unique spaces,

-Iconari Editorial Office